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First Aid Kit - 36" Splint - Black

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  • Emergency Trauma Kit: Uniquely customized by U.S Military Veterans to get you well-prepared in advance for emergencies. This trauma kit is ideal for field tactical medics, police, military, combat lifesavers, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.
  • Massive Hemorrhage and Circulatory Care: This kit contains the most user-friendly, compact, and popular survival and first aid supplies for massive bleeding control on the market. It uses a military combat tourniquet, tactical pressure dressing, and compressed gauze.
  • Respiratory and Hypothermia Treatment: Sealing the open chest wound seems like a no-brainer for respiratory care. As a seal, a durable plastic packaging of any product in the kit can be used to seal the wound with medical tape. A shock often occurs after a massive loss of blood, causing a drop in body temperature. The emergency thermal blanket is designed to keep the body temperature warm as a treatment for hypothermia.
  • Bone Fracture Treatment: 36" Splint Roll to keep your bones in position, triangle bandage, and elastic bandage to wrap around and secure the limb from moving around. Together, those items are purposely selected in this kit for any bone fracture of your limbs.

Customer Reviews

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Impressive collection for the workplace

I purchased this product for our business with the thought that a simple first aid kit might not be enough with the kind of work we do (heavy trucks). In the event of serious injury it wouldn't be enough. This is thoughtfully put together with a splint, a tourniquet, and other items that could literally save someone's life. In addition, I also ordered the AMK Quikclot Gauze and now I feel more comfortable. We can possibly save a life before an ambulance gets here in time, and I'm glad to ensure the safety of our people. I highly recommend this kit.

Great Basic Kit

This kit is a great basic starter kit for first aid and moderate trauma. It has most everything you would need to treat moderate cuts and lacerations, stop bleeding with the tourniquet for more serious wounds, splint a broken bone, etc. The molle bag is sturdy and seems to be well made. All seams are accurate and strong. All zippers and fasteners are of sound construction and operate smoothly. I would recommend this kit, although there are a few items I'm going to add such as steri strips, extra large nitrile gloves (several pair), CPR masks, etc. However, as it is, it's really well put together and will get the job done. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I actually plan to order another for my other vehicle.

Great product excellent customer service!

This is a great kit. You hopefully never need this kit, but piece of mind is worth it. This kit has a good majority of what you want in a trauma kit , but you have enough room to add other things to it I added burn gel, triple antibiotic ointment a flashlight useful things that will be more likely utilized for my kids. The customer service is excellent I wouldn’t expect anything else from a veteran owned company they responded to my question very promptly. Thanks for putting together such a great kit!

C. Baldwin
Great price on a kit

Kit showed up promptly and was well packaged. Everything looked to be in good shape. I took some things out and customized by adding a few others. I upgraded the shears to a larger pair that were a little more durable. I took the splint out and added a second tourniquet. I also added a pen light, quick clot, chest seals, and more tape. Bag is well made and roomy while being light weight.

Dr. Ken
Just Buy It!

Seriously...this is the best value in IFAK trauma kits I have seen in a very long time. Comes in breakaway MOLLE bag and has a TQ, med shears, splint, comp bandage, comp gauze pads, other various gauze pads and bandages, alcohol wipes, etc. Can't beat it for the price! I added a Neosporin spray, a few Theratears applicators, and various sized J&J cloth bandages. Had plenty of room. Then I strapped it in the back seat of my truck. G2G!

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