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33-In-1 Survival Kit

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    • Must-Have 33-in-1 Survival Tools: This is a 33-in-1 professional emergency survival equipment kit. It includes a waterproof box, tactical pen, survival compass, 3-mode tactical flashlight, water bottle clip, multi-use spoon fork, wire saw, military survival knife, 5-in-1 survival rope bracelet, multifunctional card, collapsible fire tube, SOS whistle, rain poncho, fire starter, emergency blanket, fishing gear, key screwdriver, fire tinder, pin, etc.
    • Function Features: This kit includes a wire saw for cutting wood, a compass to help identify directions, 3 modes flashlight to bring enough light, and a double-tube whistle to generate volume to attract people's attention.
    • Lightweight & Convenient: Dimensions are 7.8" x 4.6" x 2.2" and it weighs only 1.9lbs. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good Survival kit.

    My son loves camping, and he was looking for a survival kit. He already tested the compass, but the spoon was the main component for the testing :) He is happy with the purchase.

    Teresa Harris
    Very great little package that I think is great gift for a Father's day gift and at a great price.

    I plan on giving this to my sons daddy for a Father's day gift. He has been asking one and I thought wow that would be all you would need to have for a small kit to have in vehicle with you or take with you when camping and they do alot of that and be doing alot more now that it is summer time for the kids. I am very pleased with what all I seen in it and am very certain he will be happy too, as this one has alot more than he thought they would contain. So I would say it is gonna be a great fathers day present for him. Also I wasn't out alot of money on such a great gift or even little package for myself as I may go ahead and order me one too. I love the hard package case it comes in which is small enough to fit in small places so can be taken anywhere and has a string handle to hang it onto something for easy carrying.

    Traya Terranova
    Great value for price

    This is perfect for kayakers!!!! It is such a huge addition in a small package. Fire starters, fishing tackle, blanket, knife, anything you’d need to survive a night unexpected.

    Katy Dombrowski
    Great emergency kit with everything you need

    This kit is perfect to throw in your back pack for a hike, it has everything that you might need! I love that it is in a really sturdy hard carrying case. I will be buying another one as a gift.

    Greg M.
    Nice survival kit.

    Nice survival kit. Has a little of everything. Get threw any survival.

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