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20-In-1 Survival Kit

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    • Must-Have 20-in-1 Emergency Survival Gear Kits: This kit includes a 14-in-1 multifunction hatchet, 18-in-1 snowflake multi-tool, multifunctional spork, survival bracelet, survival wire saws, fire fighting stone, tactical pen, flashlight, AA battery, multifunction knife, emergency blanket, blow fire tube, bottle hanging buckle, SOS whistle, 2 hooks, parachute cord and upgrade portable case.
    • Compact & Lightweight: Size is 8.6" x 5.5" x 2.2" making it easy to carry. This extremely useful kit can be placed in a backpack, car, drawers, pocket, or pouch, or securely attached with the included ranger band to your belt, rucksack strap, climbing gear, or mountain bike.

    Customer Reviews

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    L Parr
    Dad’s and preppers will love this

    I’m somewhat of a prepper… I’m not a diehard but I do delve into it a little bit. I have a few of these survival kits but I have to say this is the most impressive one I’ve ever gotten. Will start with the case, it’s a hard well constructed zippered case with a handle. That’s a first with any of the survival kits that I’ve purchased. Inside is a wide variety of tools and you can look at the listing, I won’t bore you with repetition by going over it here. The tools appear to be well constructed. And there certainly is quite a variety of tools inside most of which seem to be had a slightly higher grade of quality than previous kits I’ve purchased. I think this would make a great Father’s Day gift or a gift for any prep or on any level. I felt the price is comparable to the quality

    Nice little helper kit

    Perfect kit for me to take on our camping trips , something for every task . I gave my husband the knife he Carries it in his pocket . Bright little flashlight comes in handy. Would also be nice for keeping in your vehicle for emergency situations. Going to get a few more for my family members to keep handy.

    Oliver DeMille, TJEd
    Excellent Set!

    Very nice set. The knife is adequate but it isn't the highest quality, so I replaced it with a higher quality EDC knife. The tactical pen and flashlight are great, and the case it comes it is durable and tough. The kit is light but full of good gear. I put this in my camp pack next to a first aid kit. Top rate. Highly recommended. Also a great gift for the right person.

    Erika M.
    Perfect for the car in case of emergencies

    Exactly what I was looking for. I needed a “bug out bag” for the car and this was it.

    Trehana Taft
    Amazing for the price!

    Came with so much stuff! And the each was a quality item it wasn’t cheap built kit, my husband absolutely loves it I bought it for his birthday and he was super excited. Great quality for the price

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