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Inflatable Fishing Kayak - Yellow

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    • Comfortable: This kayak includes an adjustable inflatable seat with a backrest. The cockpit is designed for comfort and space.
    • Dimensions: Inflated size 10 feet 3" x 3 feet x 1 feet 8"
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400lbs.
    • Directional Stability: Removable SKEG for directional stability.
    • Increased Visibility: In case of emergency, the bright yellow color helps visibility.
    • Made for smaller bodies of water: This kayak is made for smaller bodies of water including lakes and mild rivers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Useful cheap kayak!

    Functional, comfortable, cheap!Buy this kayak if:1) You want a cheap, useful kayak.2) You don't have much space in your home or on top of your car.Do not buy this kayak if:1) You have money and space2) You want speed3) You want to play in aggressive riversTakes 10-15 or so minutes to inflate, and perhaps 5 to break down. She is relatively comfortable for 2 people, easily holds the weight of 2 people. Does not have that much gear room, but some. Easy to get back in if you jump out. No problems with leaks after about 8 trips(and the multiple chambers will provide some buoyancy even if you were to lose one). The paddles are good(don't know why some people complained, maybe an earlier version). Her speed is not great, especially sprinting(what do you expect you are paying 95 dollars). The bottom has a bit of friction and her length/width ratio is poor for high speed. She will cruise long range decently but you will really notice the friction when trying to paddle fast. With the fin attached, she is easy to handle with 1 or 2 people. Do not forget to attach the fin, it makes controllability easy. I would not want to test her durability in significant whitewater, but I did throw one off a 3rd story onto pavement with no apparent damage.Update... she handled 10 miles of class 2 river easily.

    Missy Malick
    Perfect for the lake

    As other reviews stated, I'm not sure how this would do down a raging, rapid filled river, but I've taken mine on the lake 4-5 days a week for about 2 months. At first I was going to inflate/deflate each time because it was so much faster than I thought it would be, but in the end, I just shove it next to my car in the garage and pull out each day. I haven't had to reinflate even a little. There is way more leg room than I thought. I normally take it out myself and stretch out to read a book and it's great, but my over 6 foot, over 200 pound husband and our 25 pound corgi fit no problem.The price is great. By the end of the fall, each usage will cost me about a dollar and can still be used in the years to come.It's also pretty light. I carry it from my car about 70 yards to the shore without a problem and I'm not super strong. I lift it up on the side and carry, but have a friend who has the same kayak and she just pulls the front "tab" and drags it.Probably the best thing I've "splurged on" in a long time.

    In love!

    The kayak just arrived today and since I'm up late and bored, I inflated it. I wanted to ensure there weren't any holes - there weren't any. I will leave it inflated for awhile just to be 100% sure.I'm 24y/I, 5'10, and weight 175 lbs. I have wide hips so when I inflated the kayak, I got a little concerned. My 42 inch hips fit perfectly, but not much room beyond that. I'm slender/thick (proudfully so) but please be warned that if the widest part of your body is beyond 42 inches, I wouldn't recommend to buy this kayak.I placed the seat towards the middle and my long legs fit perfectly!! It'll probably be a little difficult if I have someone with me, but I plan on kayaking alone.Inflating was easy and recommend to inflate part or most of the kayak before you go outside just in case there's smooth surfaces. The packaging came with 5 repair patches.Lastly, there is a bag that fits everything in it for easy storage and carry. I'd recommend to keep the original box if you plan on storing it in a garage. Rats and moisture could really kill the kayak or anything of similar material.

    Kerry Purnell

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I'm a bigger girl and go this one because the weight limit was acceptable. I was still a bit nervous, but I had no problem! Between myself and some gear, I was probably pushing just over 400lbs and it floated without any trouble. My dad was so intrigued by it, he wanted to try it out too... that is the picture which is included with this post. He is in the foreground inside the blowup while a hard-kayak is a bit further away. Easy to use just like the hard kayak.Blow up is soooo simple and fast! I first took it to a lake on my own and people around me was watching.... they all commented how amazed it was that it was done so fast. People were putting kayaks in the water from getting them off the top of their vehicles... I had mine already out of my car, blown up and near the water before they even had their carried off the vehicle and walked down to the ground.I get nervous with not over-inflating. It says to inflate till firm but don't over inflate. The first time, I probably under inflated... the next time was probably good and the third time might had been a bit under inflated too. It says to use the enclosed ruler to know...but it isn't very helpful, I don't understand how. I'm good with how I inflate it now and to the limit... at least it didn't sink with it even being under inflated...but what a difference it was when I did put more air in. And that pump is so quick and easy to use...so much easier than doing an air mattress!I don't use it for two people, thus I only used one oar. My dad used just one oar too and he had the same problem I did, it kept hitting the sides, had to lift hands high and water did drip. So.... we combined the two oars and made one long oar.. PERFECT! Problem solved! Much easier to do smaller movements with the arms and not have to lift so high. I was fine the other way cuz the water droplets did cool me off....but it tired my arms out more always lifting so high to avoid hitting the sides. Now, can go further... and faster. :-)I am on the lookout when the price drops again and will buy this again for my dad. At the lake so many people asked me about it that one person thought I was a spokesperson for the product. NOPE, I'm not...but would be glad to do so... I never have a problem speaking highly of good products and this one is good!!!! GET IT!

    Walter Bowne
    Game changer! Can now kayak anywhere, using the small car.

    We have been kayaking for years. Kayaks on top of roof carrier... looking cool and rugged on our trips around the country. But my daughters are now in college and my wife and I had some difficulty managing the bulk and the tie downs and we worried about kayaks getting stolen. This changed everything. We can take her car that gets 58 MPG, and keep the kayak in the back. We see a lake, and in ten minutes we’re in the lake. Used it for the first time in Acadia. All the hikers around Jordan Pond wished they were us. It was just my wife and I and the crazy loons. Two people kayaking gets getting used to. Need to go out a few times to adjust seats, may want to roll a towel for lower back and for the front person to keep a stuffed towel for a foot anchor. Will use our hard shells for more adventures on narrow streams, but this will suit the bill for most of our trips that last an hour or two. I would keep a back up patch kit and battery powered pump in case of emergencies.Think bike tires. So far it has held up nicely. Wished the bottom was easier to deflate. I think I sold ten of these while up in Maine. Also, invest in a higher grade life jacket. LL Bean Outlet had a great sale, and made all the difference. Life jackets were more expensive that this well designed kayak. The kayak is so much more stable and comfortable too, it’s great to speak with the other person too. Just not built for speed, but on a lake, who is in a rush?

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