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Survival Shovel & Hatchet Kit - 4 Extension Handles

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  • TOUGHEST MILITARY GRADE MATERIAL: The reinforced shovel is made from hardened, heat-treated military solid carbon steel. Its head is tough enough to survive any situation. Additionally, its military-grade thicken handle makes it a breeze to work with. 
  • 24-in-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: Features 24-tools in this convenient folding shovel: shovel board, saw, hatchet, hoe, hexagonal wrench, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, screwdriver, blade, compass, fire starter, whistle, etc... It's ideal for off-roading, camping, hiking, SUVing, backpacking, fishing, RV camping, and a must-have for expeditions, cadet, scout, military personnel, hikers, camper, hunter, fisherman, gardener, survivalist, truck driver, motorcyclist, etc.
  • SCREW-ON EXTENSIONS BARS - You can extend this shovel to a comfortable size for standing up digging. You can choose the length of the shovel by adding fewer or more extensions according to your height. Each extension bar is 7.3" The shovel can be adjusted from 9.05" when folded and to 39.5" fully extended.

Customer Reviews

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Shari L Miller
perfect for overnight hiking and survival

very compact and it has a lot of tools for the size. the shovel and axe end attachments are nice and thick and sharp. chops wood with ease. with all extensions attached it is quite long and gives a good amount of leverage. the only downside I see is that the rods are not very large in diameter which allows it to rotate in your hands a little and the axe head will loosen after 5 or 10 swings and will need retightened

Very Compact and Lightweight

This set is very compact and lightweight. It’s the perfect set to keep in your car and take camping or hiking. See Unboxing video.

Tim Rieger
Quality is excellent

I was pleasantly surprised at how compact and lightweight this product was but yet very sturdy for use. This is easily added to my backpack for general hiking/camping. The components are very sturdy and handle well for digging and cutting wood. The knife, spear, flint, whistle, compass, and screwdrivers are welcome additions to the kit. Great product!

Marina Ivanova
Compact and handy

It is a really nice survival/ outdoor kit. It was a gift for my spouse. He loved it. It has a lot of useful tools. We had a missing part and the company exchanged the kit right away.

Sergio Marquez
Very compact and durable.

I was amazed at how compact the items can be packed. Everything felt sturdy and durable. My trip is later this year but am anxiously waiting to use every item. Very impressed.

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