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Trekking Poles - Red

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  • Anti-shock Poles: These poles are made with high-quality aluminum material. The shock-absorbing effect strongly reduces damage from the impact force.
  • Extra-long EVA Foam Handles With Straps: The handles are soft and comfortable, and they absorb moisture from sweaty hands.
  • Built To Last: We use 6-series aluminum to make the strongest and lightest poles.
  • Extendable: Our poles feature a quick lock so you can collapse or extend your poles from 26" all the way to 53" quickly. When not in use, these are easy to collapse and are small and light enough to be stored within your backpack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Short walks so far, love them

recovering from moderately torn Achilles tendon, followed by broken ankle, I have stability issues. This help with confidence, yes when I hit a little rock and wobble, these keep me upright, light weight, strong and a dream when going up/down hill. Down hill was very scary. Hiked it again later in the day with these as stabilizers and was fearless. Fantastic investments to keep me walking more and safer.

Great product

Exactly as described. Good quality and great value. No complaints!

Linda K. Copeland
Work well

These are not like the ones I am used to since most of mine are made of wood so I will compare them to those. The weight is surprisingly light when compared to most wooden walking sticks, about 1/3 of one made of sassafras and 1/5 of thorn. This makes them a lot nicer to pack around. I don't think they will be as durable as my 20 year old thorn stick but they seem to be able to hold my 250 Lb weight with out trouble. I put full pressure on one of them and it did not seem to affect it, no collapse at joints or bending of stick, I didn't try beating them against a tree since I have found my thorn stick beats just about anything in that area. They collapse very easily when the joints are untightened but stay together when tightened. Assembly is easy convenient with little effort. Collapsing my thorn stick takes a wood shop and we won't talk about putting it back together. The spring shock absorber was a surprise it actually made walking a little nicer. The grip is comfortable and with two hand positions makes the stick very easy to use in different terrains. Tips are good and the same type of system as on my thorn stick, good for any place. Over all I would say my thorn stick is better looking but this fitlife stick will be seeing a lot of use.

Paula J.K.
easy to use and very affordable

High quality, easy to use and very affordable. Great for the extra balance you need whether hiking or just walking in a store shopping. Beautiful color. Great for folks who need support, but don't want to seem "handicapped." Great for sports, too. All around, just the best.

Durable for price. Good first walking sticks!

Took these bad boys to Zion National Park. For 4 days and many-a-mike I would pound into rock as I ascended and descended the beautiful landscape. I used them in chest deep water to feel where there were rocks.These things held up pretty damn well for their price! There was a bit of rust on the spring inside by the end of the trip (due to my water adventure) but I just cleaned it up with some WD40 and good as new! The metal tip at the bottom is a little eaten away, but still works like a charm. �

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