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Trekking Poles - Silver

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  • Anti-shock Poles: These poles are made with high-quality aluminum material. The shock-absorbing effect strongly reduces damage from the impact force.
  • Extra-long EVA Foam Handles With Straps: The handles are soft and comfortable, and they absorb moisture from sweaty hands.
  • Built To Last: We use 6-series aluminum to make the strongest and lightest poles.
  • Extendable: Our poles feature a quick lock so you can collapse or extend your poles from 26" all the way to 53" quickly. When not in use, these are easy to collapse and are small and light enough to be stored within your backpack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Wonderful poles!

For the price, these are incredible! At first I couldn't get one of them to tighten, but the company wrote back and said there was a green tightener in the middle section that has to be loose before tightening. Sure enough it was tight. I loosened it and was able to tighten the pole. These come with two poles and lots of attachments for the bottom for various ground conditions - gravel, uneven ground and so on. I'm very happy with these!

Thank you
Excellent Customer Service

Posting a review to let other customers know: that this vendor has provided excellent customer service, they were understanding, listened and very patient. I had purchased the FitLife Nordic Walking sticks and we could not get them tightened, they tried to walk us through tightening the sticks and when they would not tighten, they provided a new set. It looked like they tested them before sending them out, which was helpful for us when we received the replacement. I purchased these for my mother who is 84 and they help her to get her walking in everyday.

P Williams
Worked great!

I ordered these for my recent hiking in Glacier NP. They are lightweight but feel very sturdy, and really helped me keep my balance on uneven ground and uphill hiking. I really recommend these for us active senior citizens! They are collapsible and fit in my large suitcase. My sister and I each ordered a pair and we remarked several times how difficult that hike would have been without our trekking poles!

Andy Spearance
My wife and I are walking together again

We saw these at a good price and grabbed two pairs, hoping they would be as nice as they looked online. Well, we have not been disappointed thus far. I love the assortment of "feet" that come along with it. We are looking forward to some cross-country travel this year and will be encountering many different types of terrain. We are hopeful that they are long-lasting and trouble-free. One minor quibble--the adjustment process is a bit difficult with arthritic hands, but we did manage to get them set up okay with a bit of effort. Overall, a solid bargain.


Love them! Use them daily when walking the dog in my retirement community. The dog is on a waist leash so both arms are free for the poles. I recently fell but didn’t break anything. I purchased the poles for stability and didn’t factor in the additional benefits of using them. So I am more than pleased and feeling confident in my daily dog walks.

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