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Portable Hammock - Blue & Gray

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    • Comfortable: Whether you are relaxing by the fire or sleeping under the stars, our camping hammock has everything you need to stay comfy and covered throughout the night.
    • Compact: Lightweight and convenient, our travel hammock weighs only 24oz and folds to the size of an eggplant. Throw it in your backpack and go.
    • Easy Setup: Equipped with 9ft long tree straps and carabiners, our tree hammock makes setting up a breeze. It also features 5 separate loops, so you can adjust it to the perfect height.
    • Premium Quality: Built to last a lifetime, our heavy-duty hammocks for camping are crafted with soft yet strong parachute nylon and triple interlocking stitching.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    amanda zito
    Great value!

    This hammock is an amazing value! I have an Eno Single Nest and Eno straps that I love, but they are pricey! This hammock works just as well for less than half the price AND includes straps and carabiners! The straps don't have as many loops on them as the Enos, but this is only an issue with smaller trees. It's also easily solved by wrapping the strap around an extra time.

    Travis Mikula
    Very comfortable

    I’ve only used this hammock a few times on my deck, so I can’t yet speak about it’s long term durability, but so far, I really like it. I hope to use it camping but I will need to get the rain fly and bug net first. The colors are really nice. I got the grey and red one. The straps that came with it seem really good and hanging it is easy. Just look up the right way to hang it up first though. I first hung it up really tight, trying to get it as horizontal as possible. That’s not the right way to do it. It was uncomfortable. You want to have the straps on the tree as high as you can reach and let it droop. Then lay in it at an angle. Once I did that, it was VERY comfortable. It packs up very small and is very light. I can’t wait to take it camping.

    Danny Kolota
    Love this hammock.

    I have used this hammock for two overnight camping trips and I LOVED it. I am not a highly invested woodsman, but I always thought it would be cool to have a hammock for camping since it requires less setup than a tent and is very comfortable. I've never owned a hammock and don't have great measures for what makes a good hammock, but I can say:1. It's super lightweight and easy to set up.2. It's great for overnight camping and is very comfortable.3. Everyone I've gone camping with has been jealous because I slept way better in this hammock than they did in their tents, and this thing fit in my backpack so I didn't have any trouble taking it anywhere.4. The Wise Owl Outfitters compact pillow is a super clutch buy with this hammock. It's easier to store than a normal pillow and is super comfortable. Slept great with the medium-sized one.If you're a beginner looking for a great, inexpensive hammock, look no further!

    Christiana Parsell
    Very Nice!

    So I just received this hammock last night! The reaso I'm giving five stars (for now) is because of the amazing customer service this company has provided so far! I wanted to get a hammock after going on a camping trip with some friends and one of them had a hammock ( not sure which brand they had). I wanted one that I could climb into with my daughter even as she continues to grow and I didn't like the obnoxiously bright colors of my friends hammock. I decided to purchase this particular hammock because of the reviews and the colors. The colors aren't overly bright, but they do have brighter options for those that like bright colors.Here are some of the things that have made me excited about this hammock!1. I received an email from the company (not ) letting me know what to expect from them2. In this email they included an e-version of instructions for the hammock and ropes that were coming3. Because of the email I was ready to open my hammock right away before using it so that I could prepare the ties to go around whatever I use for supports4. I can now set up and take down my hammock very quickly and easily!5. The colors are very true to what I saw online ( I got the rose/grey)Needless to say I am excited to use my hammock!A couple things to keep in mind:1. The ties included are nylon rope; this both great and a bit of a downer. Great because I have a way to go and use my hammock right away; Downer because nylon starches with time ( no matter how great the quality is) so I will need to buy straps, but this company sells those too!Included are a couple of photos of what I received. (I tied the ropes myself, they do not come that way, but that's one of the things they show how to do in the email!) I will add a photo once I am able to hang it!

    Everyone should own this hammock...

    We have purchased 2 of these and absolutely love them. I have recommended this brand and every single time we are asked if we are happy with it, we let them lay in it because the product speaks for itself. If you are reading this then you are researching as we did, you can stop researching and just hit buy it now. You wont regret it. And if customer service is a concern, rest assured its covered by a professional staff that will help with any questions/concerns. Fyi keep 1 in the car, you will be surprised how many places are perfect for a quick set up..

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