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Inflatable Fishing Kayak - Blue & White

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    • Dimensions: Length 85.8", width 47.2" and height 13.8'. Weight 15.4lbs. Age Grading: 6+
    • Safety & Environmental Protection: Constructed with super durable 0.6mm PVC environment-friendly materials, the boat is comfortable and durable.
    • 5 Independent Air Chambers With Valves: Boston Valve, included 2 cushions, rope, aluminum oars, repair patch, and a hand pump.
    • Maximum Number Of Persons: 2 adults and 1 child.
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 507lbs.
    • This kayak is stable without shaking, anti-freeze, and anti-sun.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Great product

    So far, this is a great purchase! It was delivered in only two days. I have taken it to the lake twice. It is strong and fun. Inflate quickly and deflate very easily. The children had a great time and added a lot of fun to our Thanksgiving holiday.

    good item

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This boat is bigger than I thought, and there is no problem with 4 people. The material is perfect and it is comfortable to make. It is constructed with super durable 0.6mm pvc environment friendly material. It feels very strong and safe. The boating stuff is also very professional, not heavy, and children can also control it. It has 5 independent air chambers with valves, this design is very scientific and humane. The boat is easy to pump up and install, and it's very fast, without much effort. Suitable for a family to go rafting in the park, this kind of life is so happy.


    Good quality for the price! I thought the hand pumping would be miserable, but it’s actually pretty quick and easy.

    Looks sturdy and easy setup

    This is the first boat for me. Considering I received it the day before we were scheduled to visit the lake, I set it up in my loft the night I got it. I took everything out of the box and laid it out. Filling it up with the included pump was not as bad as I expected. The valves are easy to work. Total time to fill all the cavities was about 30 minutes.At the lake, my son and I put it together (on a tarp) and then carried it onto the lake. I was impressed with its stability on the water. It took me a little bit to get the hang of rowing (again, my first boat) but even that was fun.Overall, I'm happy with this raft inflatable kayak. Will be using it quite a bit.

    Great inflatable fishing raft.

    Easy blow up within minutes. Sturdy and durable.

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